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Premium Large Size Wool Felt Mouse Pad: Office Desk Protector Mat

Premium Large Size Wool Felt Mouse Pad: Office Desk Protector Mat

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  • Brand Name: DUNNO
  • Style: Heated
  • Material: Felt
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Products Status: STOCK
  • Choice: Yes
  • semi_Choice: Yes

Product Information:

Product Name: Simple Office Gaming Mouse Pad (Upgraded Drip Model)
Material: Felt with Drip Moulding on the Back


  1. Size Options: Available in various sizes: 30x23cm, 60x30cm, 70x35cm, 80x40cm, 90x45cm, 100x50cm, 120x60cm
  2. Shape: Rectangular
  3. Non-slip: Features a non-slip design for stability during use.
  4. Office Mouse Pad: Suitable for office use as well as gaming.
  5. Gaming Mouse Pad: Provides a smooth surface for gaming.
  6. Office Accessories: Can be used as an accessory for office desks.
  7. Soft and Durable: Made of top-quality felt cloth, providing a super soft, smooth, and durable surface.
  8. Scratch Resistance: Resistant to scratches, ensuring long-lasting use.
  9. Easy to Clean and Water Absorbing: Felt material naturally absorbs water and is easy to clean.
  10. Writing Smooth: Offers a smooth surface for comfortable writing.
  11. Tabletop Protector: Protects glass, wood, or plastic tabletops from scratches, spills, heat, and abrasions.
  12. Multiple Sizes: Available in 7 different sizes to suit various desk dimensions and preferences.

Additional Information: This mouse pad is designed to provide comfort, durability, and protection for your desk surface, whether for office work or gaming sessions. Its felt material and drip moulding on the back ensure stability and prevent slipping during use. The various size options make it versatile for different desk setups.

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