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DDR4 8GB 16GB RAM - 3200MHz/3600MHz, 16GBx2/8GBx2 New DIMM XMP2.0

DDR4 8GB 16GB RAM - 3200MHz/3600MHz, 16GBx2/8GBx2 New DIMM XMP2.0

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Memory Capacity


  • Brand Name: JUHOR
  • JUHOR Model: DDR4 8GB 3200
  • Package: Yes
  • Interface Type: 288pin
  • Application: Desktop
  • Cooling Fin: Yes
  • Memory Frequency: 3600MHz
  • Memory Voltage: 1.35V
  • Sequence: 18-22-22-42
  • Frequency: 3600
  • CAS Latency (CL): 18
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • RGB: No
  • Type: DDR4


  • High Memory Frequency: This RAM operates at a high frequency of 3600MHz, ensuring smooth performance even under heavy workloads and multitasking scenarios.
  • Large Capacity: Available in 8GB or 16GB capacities, suitable for storing large amounts of data and running demanding applications, making it ideal for gaming and streaming.
  • Efficient Cooling: Equipped with a cooling fin to dissipate heat effectively, preventing overheating and ensuring stable performance.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a package containing all necessary components for easy installation in desktop computers.

JUHOR DDR4 8GB 16GB 3200MHz 3600MHz:

  • New Dimm XMP2.0 Desktop Gaming Memoria Rams Granules of Samsung

Before Purchase, Please Confirm:

  • For DDR4 3200 8GX2PCS: You will receive 2 pieces of 8GB memory.
  • For DDR4 3200 16GX2PCS: You will receive 2 pieces of 16GB memory.
  • For DDR4 3200 8GX1PCS: You will receive 1 piece of 8GB memory.
  • For DDR4 3200 16GX1PCS: You will receive 1 piece of 16GB memory.

Important Notes:

  1. Ensure your address is correct and detailed to avoid delivery failure.
  2. Not compatible with x99 and x79 series motherboards. Compatible with AMD and INTEL motherboards.
  3. Check RAM compatibility with your motherboard/CPU before ordering.
  4. XMP 2.0 is an optimization technology used by Intel on DDR4 for automatic overclocking.
  5. Memory with a frequency of 3000MHz and above uses the X.M.P. standard. Ensure motherboard and CPU support X.M.P. before purchasing.
  6. For frequencies above 3000MHz, compatibility issues may arise with CPU and motherboard configurations, especially with mixed or mismatched memory configurations.


  • Product images are for reference only and subject to availability.
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